Physics of Data

Are you a physics student who wants to develop the methods and techniques that are fundamental for Big Data analysis? Do you want to be a data physicist to face the challenges that the digital revolution has brought in our society?

Our Master of Science in Physics of Data has the right study programme to achieve your goals. A Master’s Science to train a new generation of physicists, data physicists, equipped with tools to face the challenges that the Big Data revolution has brought in our society, combining advanced knowledge in the field of Physics with a high-level training in Data Science.

The modeling and the theoretical interpretation of complex natural phenomena from large amounts of data are at the core of the research in Physics. The Big Data revolution presents the challenges and opportunities for the physicist of today. In addition to the figure of Data Scientist, specialized purely in the analysis of large amounts of data, it is increasingly clear the need to also train figures able to develop the methods and techniques that are fundamental for such analysis. Training in Physics, Mathematics and Computation is increasingly necessary to generate such innovation and development.


Degree awarded

Master of Science in Physics of Data

The Master is a

Second-cycle degree (LM-17 Physics)

Start date


Available places

European candidates 30; Non-European candidates residing outside Italy 10 (3 for candidates joining the Marco Polo Project)

Study programme

Full list of courses

Master’s project and Internship

An internship in a research center or private company is scheduled during your second year, to practice with physics and data science research on the field. At the end of the programme, guided by our world-leading scientists, you will develop your Master's project, a milestone for your next step in or outside academia.

Career opportunities

Graduates will have jobs opportunity in: academic institutions, research centers, public administrations internet companies, startups and high tech industries, consulting companies.

Programme Coordinator

Professor Marco Zanetti

Info   Alessandra Zorzi

How to apply

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Science in Padova

The Institute of Physics and Astronomy is located near the city center in the Science University area. The Institute provide excellent modern study facilities with participation in international networks of excellence as well as in research and education projects, welcoming students and scholars from all over the world. In the area you will find opportunity for recreation too in the trattorias, wine bars, sport centres and other student facilities. The Institute of Physics and Astronomy hosts a section of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and a unit of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium for the Physical Sciences of Matter (CNISM) and, in collaboration with the Paduan Astronomical Observatory of the Italian Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), the Department runs the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory, where a variety of instruments are available for research and student training.